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Newsletter July-August 2020
The Dix Mille Tours at Paul Ricard launches the season

The first time on track for many competitors this year, the Dix Mille Tours du Castellet marked the start of a peculiar season for the by Peter Auto series. The event took place in a convivial atmosphere and under the Provencal sunshine. After the strange period of recent months, drivers took up their places on the grid ready to do battle on the track. If you would like to re-live this weekend, head to Peter Auto’s TWITTER account where you’ll find live-tweets of all the races. Without wanting to give too much away…you’ll find plenty of action and joie de vivre!

Calendar of Peter Auto Events in 2021

The 2021 historic racing by Peter Auto calendar will look much like this year’s should have done, with eight events including Le Mans Classic and Tour Auto Optic 2ooo. The programme will highlight various anniversaries: the 10th edition of Le Mans Classic and Spa-Classic, and the 30th anniversary of the Tour Auto Optic 2000. It’s time to find out about the biggest events of 2021!

e-Le Mans Classic,
a virtual success

Le Mans Classic was planned for the first weekend in July, but despite being postponed, this event was nevertheless celebrated. The Peter Auto team ran a 100% digital retrospective, with races in full, unseen archive images, on-board camera footage, interviews and even an escape game about the event, which many of you racked your brains on.  In total, over 600 000 of you followed us in this retrospective. What a success! As for the great detectives in the racing game, their investigative skills were rewarded with some exceptional prizes:

  • Two ‘Panoramic packages’ with a visit to race control and track laps for two people, won by Erwann B. and François B.

"Super! I really didn’t think I’d be the first to find the answers, I had to backtrack several times to double-check the clues and make notes in order to get through the stages. I’m passionate about historic events and Le Mans Classic in particular, which helped me on some of the Le Mans « culture » questions.  Erwann B.

"I’ve been jumping for joy for the last hour. It’s going to seem a long time until July 2021. It was tough. But it was much more interesting (for the players) as even with a draw, you’d have a chance to win…’’ François B.

  • 20 tickets have been also won for the next Le Mans Classic

So, to all budding Sherlock Holmes, get ready to hunt for clues once more, the Tour Auto Optic 2ooo is not far off!

Tour Auto Optic 2ooo,
tic tac tic tac
The final adjustments and checks, it’s just a few weeks to go before the start of the Tour Auto Optic 2ooo which runs from 31 August to 5 September. The 240 teams will leave from the historic circuit of Linas-Montlhéry, arriving on 5 September at the Paul Ricard circuit, another great motorsport destination. In total, over 2 000 kilometres through some of the most stunning roads in France!

Tickets & Package for
Le Mans Classic
Would you like to experience Le Mans Classic 2021 in the best possible conditions, making the most of our hospitality? That is possible with the ‘Privilege Package’ and the Panoramique Package, to which you can add Gold Options. Gold Options? Track laps, excursions to every part of the circuit, helicopter flights and guided tours. Watch out, numbers are limited.

E-boutique Peter Auto
Looking for an original gift? Peter Auto’s online shop is full of treasures for all collectors’ car enthusiasts. Whether you are looking to wrap your gifts in wrapping paper illustrated with Peter Auto events or relive the best moments of the Tour Auto Optic 2000 with a book dedicated to the 2019 event, there is something for everyone!
Castrol chooses Peter & Associés
Peter & Associés, the Peter Group company specialising in Communications consultancy, social network community management and press and public relations, has been chosen by Castrol, one of the world’s leading lubricant brands, to manage its press communications in France. The British company, part of the BP Group, joins other automotive clients including BOSCH, UTAC CERAM, ETAS, Tenneco, FEV Group, Autobacs, Autosur, Glasurit, First Stop, and the Association Diéséliste de France alongside luxury lifestyle brands such as Kikkoman, Leica and Richard Mille.


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